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EGIT, Egyptian Group for Information Technology Company is a Society Associates in Egypt ( S.A.E) under the General Authority for Investments & Free Zones and covered by Law NO.8 OF 1997 on Investment Guarantees and Incentives. As Professional IT consultant, we provide high quality services, products and outsourcing for Requirement Analysis (Hardware and Software), Database Design and Development, Engineering Information systems (EIS), Web Design and Development, Coding and Testing, Quality Control / Quality Assurance, System Documentation, I installation and Operation, Training and Client Support.

EGIT's goal is to ensure each client's success. We work in partnership with our clients using a Life Cycle Management approach for successful system development and maintenance. Our Clients Success directly translates to our Success We don't work for the Company; We become the Company.

EGIT combines experienced staff in many different technologies with a data-driven consulting model to provide comprehensive and truly customized management solutions. We are able to build upon industry standards while incorporating custom applications designed for the specific needs of each individual client. In this way, we are able to deliver the solutions which will best meet our client's needs.


EGIT is the Leading company in design and development of the Driving theory test program, that is certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior, and applied among of the Whole Egyptian Governments to qualify the applicants for the vehihicles driving licenses.

EGIT Company has developed a Futuredriver e-Learning Application, that include Home CD, Driving Schools Application, Online and pre-printed Magazine and a website www.futuredriver.net for teaching the driving safety principles and prepare for the Computerized Driving Theory Test.

Futuredriver Website has won the 1st Place and Golden Award for the Best Egyptian Educational website on the Internet Years 2008 and 2009 respectively.

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Our Services

Application Management

Database Consulting

Technical Support

Web Testing

Outsourcing your software projects is an affordable and reliable option to in-house development. Offshore outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular as firms wish to cut costs while gaining access to EGIT's software engineers.

Reasons to Outsource

How do you know if your project should be outsource or developed in-house? Below are some of the top reasons why companies outsource their project to us. If your current project meets any of these criteria, perhaps you should talk to us.

  • Drastically reduces operating costs
  • Share risk in development
  • Seek resources not available in-house
  • Finish projects which cannot be finished in-house due to technical or staff limitations
  • Gain a fresh and new perspective on a stalled project

EGIT has established and implemented system documentation processes and procedures for each phase of a GIS project. EGIT has experience in documenting needs assessments, database and systems designs, and in the creation of programmers and user manuals. For on-line help and documentation, EGIT utilizes the latest desktop tools and industry standards.

EGIT will also document database and application development procedures and methodologies to support technology transfer of data conversion and application customization projects.

EGIT is prepared to support users so that they become productive and self-sufficient as quickly as possible

EGIT provides customized training designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Training can take place at EGIT or at a client site and both formal and informal training is available. Formal includes prepared course materials, lectures and hands-on exercises. Informal training is more ad hoc in nature. It generally involves an EGIT's staff member working side-by-side with one or more users on selected tasks. Training can be designed to incorporate user-defined scenarios, exercises and data.

In designing and developing web and e-business applications we use two approaches: use of available commercial models and platforms (Ariba, Siebel, Commerce One, I2, etc.) and use of proprietary home grown technologies. In both the approaches there is substantial amount of interface development, customization, programming and systems integration involved. Selection of method depends on available development and turn-around time, budget, scalability, and future evolution plan. Almost all developments for B2B, B2C, Portal, Auction, or Community sites involve some kind of database design, and development, whether it's a commercial database package or a simple flat file.

Internet / Intranet / E-commerce / Web applications

  • Java applications, Scripts, applets, servlets, CORBA clients
  • Enabling existing applications to Web / Internet / Intranet
  • HTML, DHTML, SGML, XML, Perl, CGI, VB, ASP, Cold Fusion programming
  • Windows NT, Oracle, ColdFusion
  • Web integration with existing applications & databases
  • Back-end integration of Oracle, SQL Server, Access, DB2, Informix, Sybase, etc. to web (JDBC, ODBC)
  • Integrating tools and other applications to web

Java related development

  • Applications development in Java (Sun, IBM, Java Swing, JDK, Beans, EJB, Visual Cafe, J++, etc.)
  • Distributed computing for Java (RMI/CORBA)
  • Building multi-tiered distributed systems, scaleable, transactional, persistent, distributed components - deployable across different operating systems, databases, application servers
  • Java business applications
  • Java for embedded and real-time systems
  • Java middleware tools
  • Rapid system prototyping ("proof of concept")
  • Java foundation classes (JFC, AWT)
  • Java security (JDK)
  • Converting existing applications to Java
  • e-ERP,e-CRM developments(Siebel, Ariba, i2, etc.)

Design Methodology: We follow a systematic and step-by-step methodology for all our Internet and Web software development. In our development methodology we first follow our clients' defined processes and methods, and then incorporate our own internal process steps where ever they are appropriate, with clients' approval. In absence of clients' defined methodologies, we present a draft of methodology to be followed in a project and get approval from our clients. The main objectives of following a methodology is to make the development cycle as efficient as possible, to complete development within lowest possible cost keeping the highest quality, and to achieve the fastest turn-around. Another important objective is to make future maintenance easier and faster. The development cycle for each and every project is some way unique, depending on clients' requirements and their unique operating environment. Design and development methodology also varies depending on the software, hardware technologies chosen by clients.

Web Development Methodologies

  • Discussion & analysis: Objective/ goal analysis, preliminary discussion - E-commerce/ Web-site strategy/ situation analysis, firming up strategy
  • Technology, software evaluation
  • Cost analysis for development, operations, maintenance
  • Design initial layout/ features/ capabilities, prototype, relevant contents
  • Design iteration - complete several rounds of revisions/ reviews/ refinements
  • Define final design, layout and features
  • Develop/implement web site (graphics, back-end software, content, integration with 3rd party/external software)
  • User testing, functionality testing, performance testing, acceptance testing
  • Client sign-off
  • Final launch
  • Development Elements

Web-based communication & user interface design

  • Database (Access, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.) and software scripts (Java, VB, C/C++, etc.) development for E-commerce functionality & components (product/ service search, verification, shopping cart, etc.)
  • Windows NT, Oracle, ColdFusion
  • Linux, mySQL, PHP
  • User subscription, registration and management (email reply, feedback forms, etc.)
  • Category management
  • Automatic edit management, update management
  • User tracking, billing management
  • Usage, performance measurement
  • Revenue reporting, maintaining-reporting log files
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Web Design

Web development life cycle

Web Testing

EGIT Solutions is full service Web Design and IT consulting company. We deliver top quality. Professional product even under the tightest deadlines. Our development team will work with you to create a Web Site that fits your corporate image, creative vision , and budget. EGIT consulting service provides top-notch system support, covering all your computer and network needs. If you need a Web Site, our Integrated Site Architecture Development (ISAD program is probably just what you were looking for. we don't feel that we can create a Web Site without al understanding of the business our client is in, and the objectives behind creating the site, With this in mind, we work closely with our clients before actual site production ever begins, to learn about their industry and help ensure a product tailored to achieving their online business goals.

Geographic Information System GIS

Facility Management System FMS

Maintenance Management System MMS

Since 1991, EGIT has long experience with many organizations in GOLF throughout the world in designing, developing and implementing Engineering Information Systems (EIS), These covers Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Facility Information Systems (FMS) and Maintenance Management Systems (MMS). EGIT provides high-quality EIS services in data management and custom applications solutions from single users and workgroups, to enterprise-wide solutions and Web /Internet applications. EGIT’s experience in EIS and Information Technology is extensive. We have an in-depth technical understanding of a range of GIS products and programming languages. Our EIS software expertise includes ArcIMS, ARC/INFO, ArcView GIS, MapObjects, Internet Map Server (IMS), and Spatial Database Engine (SDE) from ESRI; MapInfo Professional, MapX, and Spatialware from MapInfo; Spatial Cartridge from Oracle; AutoCAD related map software packages from Autodesk; IDRISI, Cartalinx. ARCHIBUS/FM, MAXIMO, ZFP-FIS and other systems from The Clark Labs at Clark University, and a number of other mapping technology software systems. We possess the practical experience to integrate these products with other technologies such as ORACLE RDBMS, MS/SQL, XML, Visual Basic, C++ and Java programming. Many of EGIT’s staff members hold advanced degrees, and Highly trained. We have extensive experience in computer science, database and spatial data management, cartography, geology, hydrology, geography, engineering, public administration, transportation, and planning. We have applied our skills to providing professional EIS services to a variety of clients, including numerous corporations, utilities, and federal, state and local government agencies. EGIT interdisciplinary approach to the delivery of professional EIS services, and our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that the best EIS solution will be provided to each client. The client’s needs are carefully evaluated and the most appropriate resources to meet the client’s goal are made available. EGIT’s Project Managers assume responsibility for coordinating the technical and administrative staff required to provide the total EIS solution. EGIT's Custom Mapping Technology Services Six Steps to EIS Success


Career Opportunity

Take Your Career to a Whole New Level We have some of the most exciting information technologies at our fingertips, but we also care about the people who work with us.

We actively reward and recognize those employees who are the source of our excellence. At EGIT you'll not only find opportunities take your career to the next level, but also EGIT will be responsible to build your career path.

What We Believe

Diversity Equals Creativity The value of the relationships with our customers is based not on the individual companies but on the individuals who work there. We bring up relationships with people who blend their experiences, ways of thinking and personal style with others to form a successful team.

We value the same characteristics in EGIT people. We build teams that bring out the best in everyone with company practices that ensure respect and dignity for all. Sure, we have some of the most exciting solutions and technologies at our fingertips, but it's the unique qualities that each person brings to the table that makes our customer relationships some of the best in the business.


We offer a variety of competitive options in several benefits areas and make these benefits available to you on your first day of employment. This is guaranteed at EGIT, we promise you! Health/Medical Benefits

  • Medical
  • Flexible accounts
  • Short and long-term disability
  • Paid Time-Off
  • Holidays
  • Vacation
  • Occasional absence

Growth and Development

Experience Makes a Better Leader We have a different definition for career progression than other companies. We believe building skills and gaining a variety of experiences is what counts.

You have a future with EGIT - if you're interested in developing your management expertise, we encourage and support your developmental and cross-functional movement that future leaders need: those that build deep skills and a broad business perspective.

Our Clients

Our clients are a diverse group of companies representing a wide range of Governmental, Industries, Private Sector, and Consultants.

They are all very unique businesses but share one very important trait: they all see the value of technology. Our customers are not looking for the cheap, quick solution - they are seeking a vendor with whom they can establish a long-term partnership for ongoing projects.

  • Egyptian Cabinet.
  • Ain Shams University.
  • Ministry of Interior.
  • Egyptian Society for Political Economics, Statistics and Legislation.
  • Zuhair Fayez Partnership.
  • TrafficTech.co
  • E-DEER Network.

Our Partners


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